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The most potentially devastating risks to your business are lying beneath the surface. Our team of Business Risk Analytics professionals will help you find them.

Business Risk Analytics for Service Providers

Rev2 Professional Services helps Service Providers in the voice, wireless, Internet and cable industries overcome business and technical challenges related to service outages. These Service Providers, who typically manage nationwide delivery infrastructures, need to:

  • Figure out how to identify chronically failing equipment.
  • Prioritize preventative maintenance.
  • And most importantly, they need to prevent service outages, which can lead to customer disconnects and adversely impact revenues.

Compounding the problems is the fact that information at these Service Providers typically resides in disparate, unconnected data silos. To combat the issue, Service Providers typically invest in home grown solutions to try to mine intelligence from the various silos.

The Rev2 Professional Services team, using proprietary Business Risk Analytics software tools, helps Service Providers consolidate data silos and analyze their data. As shown in the adjacent diagram, Rev2 aggregates and correlates isolated data sources such as network telemetry, customer care data (such as Remedy trouble-tickets) and field activities (such as truck rolls) to identify concentrations of risk.

This helps Service Providers identify the most costly centers of operations and helps keep services up and running. Additionally, Rev2 analytics can identify isolated problems before they snowball into bigger problems.

The Rev2 methodology is designed to provide the Service Provider with a daily (or weekly) punch list for actionable items. This punch list enables field maintenance tiger teams, for example, to fix the most impactful network issues in the right order. The process helps Service Providers maintain service uptime, which in turn protects their revenues.

Our Methodology

As shown in the following diagram, the Rev2 team leverages its Professional Services expertise plus proprietary tools to aggregate events collected from common data sources.

This helps to determine Financial Cost factors (i.e. service calls, disconnects) and Reputational Costs indexes (i.e. customer experience) of chronically misbehaving devices. Then, by drilling down to the Node Level and the Local Geographic Area, Rev2 provides the basis for recommending maintenance resolutions. Rev2 analytics are reported to the Service Providers’ network engineers for analysis on a regular basis (i.e. hourly, daily, weekly, etc.).


Rev2 Professional Services offers measurable advantages – not only over homegrown solutions, but also over costly, unwieldy risk management software packages. Rev2’s ability to correlate multiple events reported by disparate monitoring sources around a single issue enables Service Providers to resolve problems with fewer resources and keep their services up and running.

For example, Rev2 can determine that events – which may not appear to be significant individually – could prove to have a major impact on subscribers when occurring repeatedly. Rev2 correlation also considers prior resolution efforts to narrow what has been tried and what has proven ineffective in resolving the issue.

Develop Process Changes

Additionally, Rev2 Professional Services provides analytics that help Service Providers improve their day-to-day processes and problem-solving routines. Some technical examples from real customers:

  • When three NTF (No Trouble Found) codes appear in a row, Rev2 will not accept the third ticket and will investigate until the actual source of the problem is found.
  • Similarly, Rev2 investigates non-impact failures, having learned over the years that most do have an impact.
  • Rev2 identifies primary metrics, to avoid constantly chasing symptoms.
  • Rev2 has a process for data mining trouble ticket issues to determine common underlying causes.
  • It should be noted that Rev2 frequently incorporates legacy and custom systems into its analytics, often at short notice, which the team successfully completed.

As shown in the above figure, the Rev2 methodology identifies costly issues hidden in the service delivery infrastructure. This enables the following outcomes:

  • Better customer experience overall due to reduced outages and improvement in network issues.
  • Cost-savings analysis of hidden issues reveals “death by a thousand paper cuts.”
  • Reduced operational cost by prioritized preventative maintenance using robust proprietary tools and techniques.

About Rev2 Professional Services

At Rev2 Professional Services, we are experts in Business Risk Analytics – the science of identifying, correlating and analyzing risks across your departments and information silos.

Our hands-on team works closely with your executive team to help you prioritize spend for CAPEX, OPEX and mitigation of risks associated with running your enterprise. We have a specific skill set, custom tools and processes, backed by a track record of hard experience.

We help you identify risks that are commonly missed, before they snowball out of control. Additionally, if your company is in the midst of a risk management crunch, we offer short-term services on demand.

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