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We have the capability to facilitate these logistical and procedural elements to establish a risk-management approach across your entire organization.


Our Areas of Expertise

The Rev2 Professional Services team primarily focuses on the following:

  • Information Security. At Rev2, we are proven experts in Business Risk Analytics for security vulnerability data. In the InfoSec industry, our customers include leading brokerages and financial services firms.
  • Service Providers. By aggregating telemetry, trouble-ticket and maintenance data from across your enterprise, we help Service Providers identify the most costly centers of operation and, in addition, isolate problems that might explode into bigger issues.
  • Enterprise Risk Management. We use a variety of techniques to identify areas of concern within business functions of the organization. Then we identify common themes across the enterprise. This allows us to focus on mitigation activities and, most importantly, residual risk. This leads to an evolutionary risk management practice across the enterprise.

In an ever-changing technological landscape, Rev2 is adept at incorporating new technologies and trends, adapting to the unique needs of each customer.

Our Value Proposition

Rev2 Professional Services helps you:

  • Fix the most impactful issues in the right order
  • Reduce reputational, financial, regulatory and legal exposure
  • Ensure the availability of your services
  • Improve the customer’s experience
  • Establish or improve your enterprise risk management processes and practices.

Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises – Rev2 Professional Services provides Business Risk Analytics and mitigation services for smaller companies that can’t justify a full-time risk management function or employ a Big Five firm.

Large Enterprises – Rev2 Professional Services provides Business Risk Analytics, mitigation services and support at a competitive price. Additionally, if your company is in the midst of a risk management crunch, we offer short-term services on demand.

Rev2’s customers include Fortune 100 financials and service providers:

Rev2’s partners have included: