At Rev2 Professional Services, we are experts in Business Risk Analytics –
the science of identifying, correlating and analyzing risks across your departments and information silos.

Our hands-on team works closely with your executive team to help you prioritize spend for CAPEX, OPEX and mitigation of risks associated with running your enterprise. We have a specific skill set, custom tools and processes, backed by a track record of hard experience. We help you identify risks that are commonly missed, before they snowball out of control. Additionally, if your company is in the midst of a risk management crunch, we offer short-term services on demand.

Rev2 engages with your organization in three simple steps:

Intelligence Gathering

We identify data from a variety of sources, from both the digital and human domains across your enterprise


After aggregating and correlating the data, we utilize frameworks that enable risk assessment. Our proven “risk weighting” techniques provide a multi-faceted approach for visualizing where your enterprise has concentrations of risk

Prioritization & Remediation

Based on our analytics, we enable you to focus your risk remediation efforts on the most costly issues, or, if you prefer, those that pose the biggest long-term threat

Rev2’s customers include Fortune 100 financials and service providers:

Rev2’s partners have included: